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Executive Search and Selection

Executive search and selection is our core business focusing on two main areas:

Exceptional finance professionals

Executive and non-exec directors for rapidly-expanding PE-backed SMEs

Our connected world can make identifying potential candidates seem easy. However, attracting the best candidates who are a genuine fit with the client’s culture and are likely to accept an offer remains difficult. It is all too easy to go through a long search process only to find the lead candidate drops out, resulting in both lost time and opportunity cost. By specialising and knowing our niche market well, we flag up potential issues before starting on a search, and develop a clear and effective strategy with agreed timescales to resolve them.

Our approach throughout the search and assessment process is to be open and transparent. During the research, long-list and short-listing stages, we provide regular reports and feedback to our clients to keep them informed and involved, to ensure that the search process proceeds effectively. The detailed understanding we gain of our clients, and the trust we build up with our candidates, enable us to help achieve a successful outcome during the final negotiation stages to achieve exceptional results.

Objective Assessment

In addition to using structured, competency-based interviews to shortlist candidates for our clients, Alderwick Consulting offers a range of assessment tools which can be tailored to a client's specific situation.

These range from psychometric assessment, aptitude and skills tests to role plays and case studies, and from individual tests to full assessment centres for a number of individuals.

These can be used in three distinct ways:

  • As part of a recruitment process, to provide more comprehensive, analytical information on which to base selection decisions as well as improving the on-boarding process;
  • To facilitate internal assessment of staff in order to identify training and development needs;
  • To enable accurate and objective comparisons between individuals within an organisation undergoing a process of ‘right-sizing’, to ensure, and be able to demonstrate, a fair and effective process.

Talent Mapping/Market Intelligence

Through our global research network, we provide talent mapping and market intelligence services.

Clients are often faced with difficult talent management dilemmas. Broader market intelligence helps by gaining an accurate picture of skills available, potential time lines and remuneration levels. It can be critical when conducting internal talent management and development reviews, for progression planning, when considering the pros and cons of internal promotions versus external search, or assessing the viability of a new project. It can also be helpful in enabling clients to build up a picture of how their company is perceived in the marketplace and what steps may be necessary to attract external candidates.

Repeat Business

Clients return to us over and over again because we deliver what they need, on time and to budget. Our fee income breakdown shows our repeat business levels, evidence of the confidence clients have in our service.

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