Client Testimonials

“What I really appreciate with Alderwick Consulting is their ability to accurately and swiftly identify the right candidate."

“With an incisive approach they understand how essential it is to examine not only candidate expertise, management capability and the appropriate level of seniority but most importantly soft skills.”

“Cultural fit within an organisation is crucial for success. I’ve also benefited from their insider insights for my own career meeting to listen to their macro view of industry issues. For me, they set the benchmark for both the ambitions I have for myself and the candidates I want to hire for my own department.”

Pascal Bayle

Group Compliance Director, Coface

“Alderwick Consulting cracked the tough challenge of identifying several outstanding candidates for a senior leadership role with my team in China"

“Their global networks and market insight is unquestionable. The position required someone with strong accounting skills, solid experience in change management and substantial international experience. I was very impressed with Alderwick’s ability to quickly deliver in a competitive market such as China.”

Rodrigo Grion

Senior Vice President, Ethics & Compliance, McKesson

"I have known Alderwick for more than 20 years. I first met Jeremy in 1995 when he was recruiting for GE Corporate Audit Staff "

“Three years later they tracked me down at Lehman Brothers in Frankfurt for a Finance Director role in Paris, and in addition to my hire identified vital resources that allowed me to build a top-class finance team at GE Capital’s French Equipment Finance business.”

“That team was key to turning the business from break-even to a $250M Net Income unit in 4 years. Those Alderwick-sourced resources have remained colleagues, friends and business partners for 15 years and have gone on to great careers within GE and outside.  I have always found Alderwick Consulting to be in tune with the market, ready with great ideas and proposals and very focused on delivering the right talent for their customers.”

Paul Johnson-Ferguson

Executive Director, Invigors EMEA

“I had first-hand experience of working with Jeremy Alderwick and his team when I was at GE Capital."

“He did a great job over the years identifying the best candidates and striking the right balance between the needs of the hiring organisation and the individual’s personal career aspirations.”

Stephan Caron

Managing Director, BlackRock

"What Alderwick does extremely well is understand the needs of clients and of candidates."

“They clearly articulate the key requirements and behaviours required for each position they seek to fill and more often than not marry this with the appropriate candidates.”

“Throughout my relationship with Alderwick I have not been presented with an opportunity that did not catch my attention. I would highly recommend Alderwick to any candidate who matches the profile they seek as ultimately it will lead to a fulfilled position for a client.”

Eduardo Pousada

Senior Director Finance EMEA & APAC, Tennant Company

“Alderwick Consulting is constantly delivering on, if not exceeding, our expectations."

“They are professional and responsive and have helped us in several occasions across Europe to install effective C level executives in our portfolio companies.”

Fabio Pesiri

Senior Operating Partner, The Riverside Company

"Alderwick takes the time to not only understand the client's culture and assess a candidate's professional and cultural fit. "

“Alderwick’s success, as evidenced by repeated hiring assignments for the same institution, stems from the investment made into truly understanding the hiring manager’s team and finding complementary skills to optimize the team’s overall composition.”

“This, in turn, requires a deeper level of engagement, well beyond matching candidate to company.”

Isabel Fernandez

EVP Lending, Finastra

“I was very pleased with the work of Alderwick. "

“Alderwick helped assess our internal candidates for a critical position; their assessment was impressively close to our own views and we had developed our own insights of the candidates over many years.”

“They also successfully completed two external recruitments for senior finance positions.”

Guillaume Bouhours

Group Chief Financial Officer, bioMerieux

“I have worked successfully with Alderwick Consulting for over 15 years now."

“Alderwick has developed an exceptionally deep understanding of what I look for in a Finance candidate. Initially, using a deliberate process to understand my organization and then, over time, developing a long lasting personal relationship based on dialogue and trust. The result is I only receive a shortlist of candidates which I know will match my requirements. Alderwick is always keen to strike the right balance between effectively responding to my specific hiring requirements and keeping me informed of great talents that become available on the market, (even at times when I do not have an open position).”

“Developing great organizations is often a combination of careful planning and opportunity so this has proven very effective. Through its network Alderwick is also uniquely placed to find candidates willing to have an international career. In my mind, it’s these key factors that make our collaboration effective. ”

Thierry Pieton

Chief Financial Officer, Renault Group

“I have worked with Alderwick for over 15 years and they understand what I look for in a candidate."

“The team’s ability to find exactly the international financial talent I seek never fails to impress me; they are an agile, intelligent and thorough team.”

Frederic Dunod

Director of External Reporting, Constellium

"Alderwick understands our culture, values and objectives."

“One of their particular skills is to decode this understanding and quickly identify matching high-calibre candidates. They have introduced us to outstanding senior talents who have added immediate value to our companies.”

Karsten Langer

Managing Partner, The Riverside Company